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Living for God's Glory by Joel Beeke

6 “Must Read” Books on Calvinism

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Simply mention the word "Calvinism" in certain circles and watch the emotional responses!  It's amazing the amount of misunderstanding, confusion and misrepresentation that goes on in the discussion of the…

Common Arminian Objection Answered

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Arminians claim Calvinism hinders evangelism and that election somehow keeps some sinners "out" who would otherwise desire to be saved. If the Arminian view of predestination and foreknowledge is true…

Who Saves Whom? by Michael S. Horton

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'God casts His vote; Satan casts his, but you must cast the deciding ballot'? The touchstone question in the running debate between Jesus and the Pharisees, Paul and the Judaizers,…

What is the Gospel? by Loraine Boettner

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Edited by Stephen Pribble The Gospel is the good news about the great salvation purchased by Jesus Christ, by which He reconciled sinful men to a holy God. The purpose…

Calvinism vs Arminianism – Comparison Chart

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The following material from Romans: An Interpretive Outline (pp.144-147). by David N. Steele and Curtis C. Thomas, contrasts the Five Points of Arminianism with the Five Points of Calvinism in…


The Great Tribulation

The Great Tribulation: Past or Future?

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The Great Tribulation "Although this entire present age intervening between the first and second comings of Christ is one of tribulation, trial and distress, the so-called Great Tribulation mentioned in…
Microchip Mark of the Beast

What is the “Mark of the Beast?”

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Today on two different Facebook pages the question of the "mark of the beast" came up after a YouTube video about human microchip implants began to circulate. It's amazing how…

The Lost Thousand Years Between Two Resurrections by Rev. Nollie Malabuyo

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In the Parable of the Wheat and Weeds (or tares) in Matthew 13:24–30 (with its interpretation in Matthew 13:36–43), Jesus explains that the Son of Man sows good seed—the children…

Modern Dispensationalism and the Doctrine of the Unity of the Scripture by O.T. Allis

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No doctrine concerning Scripture is of more practical importance to the Bible student than that which affirms its unity and harmony. Obviously, the trustworthiness, perspicuity and plenary inspiration of Scripture…
Revelation 20

So, What Do You Believe About Revelation 20?

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As an Amillennialist it never fails - any time I have a conversation with a Dispensationalist within the first 3 minutes I get the same question, "So, what do you…

GOL Blog

BibleSpeak | Bible Name Pronunciation

BibleSpeak – Bible Name Pronunciation Tool

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Today I saw an incredibly cool website, BibleSpeak.org. It has hundreds of audio pronunciations for Bible names and words. I can't tell you how many times I run across names…

Sexual Purity: Restoring My Heart After Sexual Sin

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I know first hand the devastation of sexual sin. After spending 23 years as a false convert and a self-righteous hypocrite - while engaged in all manner of immorality, adultery,…
Creedal Imperative

Spontaneity in Worship

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"The New Testament does not actually seem to put a premium on spontaneity as an essential component of authenticity, and so I would suggest that we should not worry too…

How Should a Christian Respond to Those Who Cause Division?

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How should a Christian respond to heretics, false teaches, those who promote unbiblical and divisive doctrines, who seek to upset the peace and unity of the church, who teach contrary…

The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly, 1643-1653 (5 Volume Set)

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The Minutes and Papers of the Westminster Assembly   For more than ten years the Westminster assembly was one of the major institutions of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Members of…