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Covenant Eyes Review | Web Filtering Software

By September 13, 2012April 12th, 2016Blog

Covenant Eyes is an accountability and web filtering software downloaded from the Internet that monitors internet use and sends an e-mail report to a designated person that allows you to see the web search terms used and the sites that have been visited. There are multiple levels of filtering and time restrictions that can be employed for more than one user.

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Web Content Filtering

Covenant Eyes is Unique in that it doesn’t block any websites you visit like other web content filtering applications or email filtering software. Instead, it monitors all the sites you visit and sends a report to your Accountability Partner. You can continue to use the Internet like you normally do. While you’re online, Covenant Eyes works in the background, recording and rating every site you visit and emails a report to someone you trust, your Accountability Partner.

Covenant Eyes Pricing Review

Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • $8.99/mo. for the first username
  • $2/mo. for each additional username
  • Add Filtering to a username or a Filter-only username to your account for just $1.50/mo.
  • NOTE: The filter is available for Windows only.

What Makes Covenant Eyes Different from Other Web Filtering Applications?

Free installation on up to 5 Windows computers
This means that you can have website filtering on all the computers in your home, keeping you and your family safe no matter which one you use.

Multiple usernames on one account
Multiple usernames means you choose the services you need for each family member – Accountability, Internet Filtering, or both. All Filter users have their own Filter sensitivity settings and time controls, so your family’s Internet use isn’t just a one-size-fits-none experience.

Customizable sensitivity levels and allow/block lists
The Covenant Eyes Filter has six sensitivity settings based on our rating system. In addition, you may create your own lists of sites to block or allow for each person in your family. This is perfect for web pornography filtering to filter adult websites from your computer.

Time controls
Decide when and for how long each member of your family can use the Web. For instance, you may limit your child’s Internet access each day to one hour and cut off access at 8 p.m.

Automatic overrides
The Filter Guardian can optionally turn on automatic overrides, so in a situation where someone needs to visit a website that would normally be blocked (such as a teenager doing research for a school report), they can visit the site without needing the Filter Guardian’s password.