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A Husband’s Checklist

By August 9, 2012April 12th, 2016Blog, Marriage

Husband & WifeIf love has grown cold in your family, husband, you must do something about it. If you are going to emulate the love of Jesus Christ for His church, it is up to you to initiate love… Jesus loved us when we had no love for Him. You are the head of your home. If there is little or no love in that home, it is your fault. God holds you responsible to introduce love. You must do that by giving. ~ Jay E. Adams

Husband’s Checklist:

  1. Do I know what is going on in my home from day to day?
  2. Am I in control of what is happening; indeed, am I leading the family in the direction in which it is moving?
  3. Can I control my children and my wife?
  4. Do I truly love my wife (by giving of myself to her), as I should? How am I demonstrating this?
  5. Do I assume responsible leadership over my family?

Resources on being a Godly Husband