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Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham

By August 13, 2011July 1st, 2019Blog, Christian Parenting, Family Worship, Featured Books
Family Driven Faith: Doing What It Takes to Raise Sons and Daughters Who Walk with God

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As I type this the kids are hurrying around the house getting ready for the Saturday morning sessions of the Family Driven Faith Conference. This is such a treat! A few weeks ago my wife and I were able to attend the Alliance Defense Fund Academy in California and spend the entire week with Voddie and precious wife Bridget. Last night Voddie shared two lectures – The Culture War and A Multigenerational Vision – both excellent!  My prayer today? Give me grace to be more disciplined in my home and faithful in the things we hear.

About Family Driven Faith

More teens are turning away from the faith than ever before: it is estimated that 75 to 88% of Christian teens walk away from Christianity by the end of their freshman year of college. Something must be done.

Family Driven Faith equips Christian parents with the tools they need to raise children biblically in a post-Christian, anti-family society. Voddie Baucham, who with his wife has overcome a multi-generational legacy of broken and dysfunctional homes, shows that God has not left us alone in raising godly children. He has given us timeless precepts and principles for multi-generational faithfulness, especially in Deuteronomy 6. God’s simple command to Moses to teach the Word diligently to the children of Israel serves as the foundation of Family Driven Faith.

Additional Resources

Voddie Baucham Jr. (DMin, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is dean of the seminary at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia. The author of a number of books, including Family Driven FaithThe Ever-Loving Truth, and Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors, Baucham is also a pastor, church planter, and conference speaker.

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