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By August 2, 2011 April 12th, 2016 Blog, Featured
1 Corinthians by David Garland

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Ok, I’ll say it…I’m book poor!  Even applying my own tips using Amazon Wish Lists, I’ve spent quite a bit of money over the years building my personal library.  And thankfully I’ve not made too many poor choices (even if I do own a copy of Hal Lindsay’s, The Late Great Planet Earth!).  But what really gets my juices flowing are clearance or discount Christian books and special promotions.  Last week I got the weekly email from WTSBooks and noticed their clearance books were 70% off!

Here’s what I ordered today (you won’t believe the prices!):

And I got a hard copy of the Bible study the kids are doing – 70% off!

All total, I spent $209.36 and saved $202.56!  Oh, and did I mention that my order qualified for free shipping, too.  Here’s a link directly to the WTSBooks Clearance books!

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Last year I was able to snag several copies of Living for God’s Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism by Joel Beeke when they were on special from Ligonier’s in a $5 Friday special; that’s a great deal considering the retail price is $24!  And I also got a couple sets of DVDs that retailed for $85 for only $5 each.  For the last few years that’s where I’ve found Christmas presents and books to give-away in our church. If you’ve not signed up for the email specials from these stores, it’s free and I’d do it today!