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Let the Reader Understand: Guide to Interpreting and Applying the Bible

By October 12, 2011June 18th, 2019Bible Study, Blog, Featured Books, Reading
Let the Reader Understand

Let the Reader Understand

Do you struggle to understand the Bible?  Have you tried to read the scripture, but don’t really understand where to start?  This is one of the biggest hindrances to faithful Bible reading.

After laying the necessary foundation, Let the Reader Understand provides examples of how, and how not, to interpret Scripture. It suggests ways to understand the Bible’s various literary genres: theological history, law, poetry, prophecy, parables, epistles, and apocalyptic. And it demonstrates how to apply Scripture to worship, witness, and guidance. This new edition discusses trends and movements influencing biblical interpretation during the last ten years. This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know how to read and understand the Bible!

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