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Thoughts on the Kingdom of God

By November 5, 2011April 12th, 2016Blog

The Kingdom of GodThe coming of the kingdom has often been compared to the way the Allies defeated Germany in 1944. For all intents and purposes, World War II was over on D-Day, when British and American troops established a beachhead in France. There were still battles to be fought, of course, and lives to be won and lost. But from that point on, the Germans were fighting a losing battle. All that remained was for the Allies to liberate Europe. As far as the kingdom of God is concerned, D-Day was Good Friday. That was Satan’s last mad attempt to defeat God’s King and have Him betrayed, tried, and nailed to the cross. But Satan was only able to wound Him. By dying on the cross for our sins, Jesus actually struck a death-blow to sin, death, and the devil. Now the outcome of the battle between the two kingdoms is certain. All that remains is for God to liberate the captives of Satan’s kingdom and bring them into the kingdom of His Son. ~ Philip Graham Ryken

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