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Amazing Deals on Clearance & Imperfect Books!

By December 21, 2011April 12th, 2016Blog

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for great deals on books.  One of the best places I’ve found to get amazing deals on quality books – at discount prices – is the WTSBooks Clearance and Imperfect books section! I’ve ordered dozens of books from both sections and have never had a problem with the usability of the books.  In fact, I make it a habit of checking both sections before placing any order!  And several of the commentaries I’ve ordered look brand new!

Imperfect Books

Example of Imperfect Books from WTSBooks

Questions about Imperfect Books

  1. What is an Imperfect Book? “Imperfect” books have minor damages due to shipping or shelf-wear. Examples of typical damages include folded pages, bent or crunched edges, or other signs of external impact.
  2.  Are imperfect books in readable condition? All imperfect books are in readable condition with intact bindings.
  3. What are examples of damages found on imperfect books? Bent corders, creases, bent pages, nicks, etc.
  4. Are imperfect books returnable? All sales of imperfect copies are final and therefore not returnable. Should you discover a printing defect that affects the content of the book (e.g. missing pages) please contact us as soon as possible so that we can send a replacement.

Examples of Books

Here are some of the great commentaries I’ve snagged at up to 70% off by checking their clearance and imperfect sections:

Now, remember, there is always a limited quantity of clearance and imperfect books – so you need to be ready to buy when you see something good.  And as I write this post, there are 31 pages of imperfect books – discounted!  If you don’t mind the occasional slightly dented corner or bent page, this is a great way to save money on books.

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