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5 Things to Remember when Buying Christian Books

By January 3, 2012April 12th, 2016Blog, Reading

Reformed DogmaticsThere are simply “too many books and too little time” to buy junk. (I only wish someone told me that very early on when I was reading Hal Lindsay!)

Here are 5 great tips to remember when buying books from Why Read a Good Book?  by Jim Elliff:

  1. Buy only the best books since you will only read a few hundred in your lifetime. When possible seek a recommendation first.
  2. Don’t excessively fret over the price, since the cost of a book is always small if it impacts your life for good.
  3. Buy to preserve the truth for your family or some deserving friends or institution in the future, for they will inherit your library when you die.
  4. Never let the reading of books replace the reading of the Bible. Instead of one or the other, do both.
  5. Let a good book humble you and not make you proud, by seeking God in what you read.

And if you’re interested, here’s what I ordered tonight:

Theological Works