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“You Don’t Believe in Limited Atonement, Do You?”

By August 4, 2011April 12th, 2016Blog

The doctrine of Christ’s definite, particular or “limited” atonement is one of the most repudiated and misunderstood biblical doctrines.  In a recent video teaching, Dr. James White mentions an incident when a Christian lady came up to him after one of his sermons asking him the loaded question, “You don’t believe in limited atonement do you?”

Dr. White responded by saying, “Yes, Maam, I believe that Jesus Christ saves everyone for whom He dies and He intercedes for them. Maam, who do you think He is interceding for today? …. the High Priest in the Old Testament, when he offered the sacrifice, he had to present the blood of the sacrifice in the holy place – everyone for whom he offered the sacrficie was those for whom he interceded, and He is interceding in heaven today in the presence of the Father specifically for those He is going to save. Do you really think he is interceding for those who are going to spend an eternity in hell and failing in His intercession?”

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